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Francis McMahon

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Operations, Canon Solutions America

Canon Solutions America provides its clients with the ability to create custom, personalized printed pieces that enable brands to better connect and resonate... More


Gina Testa

Former Vice President of Marketing and Customer Engagement–North American Operations, Xerox Corporation

Xerox serves a number of companies and agencies worldwide, including the top 10 global agencies and companies that cover every industry vertical imaginable.... More


Jacqueline Hudmon

Senior Vice President of Business Development, Komori America Corporation

Komori America is a subsidiary of Komori Corporation, a world leader in the manufacture of precision printing equipment. With more than 22 years of industry... More


Eric Frank

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, KBA North America

KBA North America is a 200-year-old company that offers customized solutions that are dedicated to the needs of its clients. By offering these custom... More


Gavin Jordan-Smith

Vice President, Industrial Print and Graphic Communications Business Segment, Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is innovating to become a greater part of the value chain for its clients and the brands they serve. More


Lee Humprheys

CEO of Creative Production Services, HH Global

Creative execution expert Lee Humphreys shares his thoughts on the importance of tailoring, adapting and transcreating creative content and how HH Global... More


Brent Moncrief

Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Brand Management–Graphic Systems, Fujifilm North America

Fujifilm has a history of innovation when it comes to digitizing many processes, particularly as it relates to the print industry. Brent Moncrief, Vice... More

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