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The Brand Inspiration Center—a partnership of the CMO Council and the Association for Print Technologies (APTechSM)—is dedicated to thought leadership and peer-level discussion about the go-to-market and marketing supply chain processes. To support value creation and competitive advantage for any consumer or business marketer, our purpose is to offer solutions to a wide range of process inefficiencies based on current research and executive insights, which will delve into these key areas of proficiency:

  • Product and packaging innovation
  • Creative relevance and resonance
  • Marketing production effectiveness
  • Supply chain efficiency and accountability
  • Demand chain/channel performance
  • Omni-channel execution consistency


Introducing the Brand Owner Council

The Brand Owner Council, administered by Association for Print Technologies (APTechSM), provides a face-to-face forum for brand owners to discuss solutions to issues of concern in the packaging industry. Among APTech members are technology and software experts who participate in developing national and international standards, and who also develop the tools necessary for common printing workflows. These experts often join the council’s discussion to share their knowledge. The advent of digital printing and other changes in our industry, while exciting, are continuously impacting the supply chain environment. A key objective of the Brand Owner Council is developing a concise synopsis of standards group activities that will be of value to brand owners.