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Gina Testa

Former Vice President of Marketing and Customer Engagement–North American Operations, Xerox Corporation

When it comes to the graphic communications industry, Testa explains that Xerox’s clients span everything from implants in large corporations to printers, direct-mail houses, service bureaus, etc. While some of these companies have sales forces, others do not. Similarly, some advertise while others don’t.

“Some of our customers provide marketing services, but while they sell certain services, they don’t necessarily do those things for their own company,” she explains. “When it comes to utilizing all of the potential channels that exist for them to communicate and keep in touch with their customers, most don’t spend the money on the large online software packages that are available from a marketing standpoint, but a few do. As a result, a lot of their efforts are ad hoc, so the supply chain sophistication level ranges from very low to very high, depending on the size of the customer and the customer base they have.”

Xerox brings value to its clients by providing modern work environment solutions to help them achieve their goals. When it comes to printers, they are able to help their print clients transition to service providers versus a manufactured print process.

“If we work with an enterprise, we want to work with their marketing leader to present the facts and solutions to them so they can execute on what research has revealed to be the most valuable forms of communication with their clients—and that is targeted, personal and relevant content,” she explains. “We have a monopoly on the print portion of any communications strategy, but we also provide creative and technology services and solutions. We can act as a third party and bring together different parties in order to provide a complete, integrated solution for the customer.”

While brand marketers themselves do not necessarily buy Xerox’s largest products, Testa says they are important influencers. As a result, she says it is important to talk with them and educate them about the facts around how targeted, relevant communications can impact their businesses.

“Utilizing the current technologies that are available, understanding buying habits and behaviors, and using data to execute intelligent campaigns is something that we’re constantly trying to educate brand owners about because they don’t always keep up with the latest trends or understand the technology that is available to them,” Testa says. “While some marketers are very savvy, others simply don’t understand the technologies and possibilities that are available today. ROI is becoming the golden nugget. Nobody can invest money anymore unless you can show that return, so we’re seeing a much greater relationship between the CFO and the CMO than ever before. Helping brand marketers make better business decisions and speak in that financial language is another key element of focus for us so that they can help influence and execute effective campaigns.”