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A Peer-Powered Innovation Session to Spark Go-to-Market Improvement Strategies

There is no doubt that an effective and efficient go-to-market strategy is critical for today’s brands, who must manage an increasingly complex web of digital and physical touchpoints. With each opportunity to engage, brands must best understand how each channel and each experience is impacting the customer’s buying agenda and advocacy position—did a micro-moment shift the buying decision and create a loyal customer, or did it fail to achieve its intended goal?

But even across the most sophisticated customer experience strategy, there can be multiple points of disruption, distress and deficiency. Marketers are now questioning the effectiveness of product launches and marketing campaigns, asking if the orchestration of these critical moments across the entire sales, distribution, merchandising and customer support repertoire now requires innovation and modernization. This transformation and move toward efficiency will necessitate new skills, insights, resources, warehousing footprints and analytics to optimize demand-side planning, procurement, production, storage and just-in-time provisioning of critical marketing support, product packaging, merchandising and order fulfillment requirements.

Most importantly, this shift to optimized go-to-market strategies requires new champions and new thinking. But where will this new thinking emerge? What partners will come to the table with new trends and new technologies that can turn these new ideas into engagement realities?

To spark innovation and transformation, the CMO Council, in partnership with the NPES (the Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies), will host a full-day session as a CMO Council Elite Retreat, dubbed the “Brand Inspiration Forum.” Peers and partners will gather in one room to share insights, challenges and instruments of change to evolve go-to-market strategies.

Some of the inspiration and guidance that will be shared, debated and discussed will include:

  • New data-driven approaches to mass personalization of content and communication
  • Adept use of on-demand digital print and imaging systems that improve quality and sustainability
  • Creative versioning of content at scale to deliver production-ready digital files across borders
  • Innovations in dimensional marketing, smart merchandising and multi-channel engagement
  • Packaging advances that differentiate brands, increase product consumption and make it easier to handle, recycle or re-use containers
  • Breakthroughs in material science and multi-service reproduction for more arresting signage and branding
  • Brand logistics management to improve demand-chain provisioning, reduce transportation and storage costs, and minimize obsolescence

The CMO Council and NPES invite you to join this full-day session that will include peer-powered panels of brand leaders, who will share their own tales of transformation and innovation, along with expert panels of industry leaders sharing key insights—from new trends in engagement to new applications and techniques across the modern marketing supply chain.


October 16, 2017

6:30pm Welcome Reception & Dinner

October 17, 2017

8:00am Continental Breakfast & Welcome

8:30am Opening Keynote

Revolutionizing Brand Engagements: A Real Case Study on Breathing New Life Into the Physical Experience

A brand leader will showcase how the new customer experience has necessitated new thinking in delivering a quality physical experience that enhances and connects to the digital experience thanks to the inclusion of printed materials and physical touchpoints, including packaging and POP display.

9:00am Research Roundup

Navigating the New and Novel: Top Trends and Behaviors Impacting Go-to-Market Strategies

From shifts and changes in the future of advertising to innovations across direct mail, new research reveals new opportunities to shift go-to-market strategies in new and novel ways using some familiar and often overlooked channels and tactics. This session will share new research, revealing emerging trends that will shape strategies across marketing and advertising channels.

9:30am Networking Break

9:45am Innovation Master Class

Greening the Supply Chain: Bringing Environmental Responsibility to the Marketing Supply Chain

Can printing be green? What are the latest innovations in green products that, when combined with exceptional content, can enhance the customer experience and demonstrate marketing responsibility? This session will showcase the latest innovations in green materials, technologies and strategies—from renewable materials and substrates to green processes. Experts will share data and case studies outlining innovative green campaigns.

10:30am Research Roundup

Get to Know the CMO: What Are the Mandates of Today’s Top CMOs?

New research from the CMO Council outlines the CMO’s mandate to drive business growth and improve customer experience impact and engagement. But how are leading global marketers achieving these goals? What are the primary roadblocks to success, and where are organizations struggling to align data, vendors and strategies to realize true omni-channel engagement at scale and in real time? This session presented by the CMO Council will showcase recent CMO Council research and findings.

11:00am Marketing Leader Panel

Aligning Around the Metrics and Measures of Today’s Modern Marketer: What Are the Metrics, KPIs and Business Metrics Most Critical to Proving Success?

Oftentimes, campaigns are deemed failures because metrics and measures were not established from the start. The intent of this session is to hear from brand marketing leaders about the shifting nature of metrics, including gaining insight into the measures for which today’s CMOs are being held accountable, as well as the metrics marketers are establishing to prove true business ROI.

11:45am Break for Lunch

1:00pm Innovation Master Class

The Power of Personalization: Tools and Technologies to Apply Data to the Physical Experience

As marketers have been perfecting the personalization of digital experiences in context to the customer’s moments of need, physical touchpoints have largely been left to traditional strategies like mass publication, which lack localization. But technologies and strategies exist that enable physical touchpoints like print and direct mail to adopt the same level of personalization and contextual depth of digital touchpoints. This expert partner panel will share case studies of successful brands applying personalization to bridge physical and digital experiences and engagements.

1:45pm Invention Sessions

One Great Idea: Crowd-Sourcing Fresh Strategies and Go-to-Market Campaign Ideas

With markets becoming more fragmented, segmented and complex, marketers have many more elements to manage and a real need to track campaign performance, value and ROI. Regaining control of this complexity can start with one great idea. Attendees will be divided into working groups, with each group consisting of brand marketers, service providers and technology vendor experts. These teams will tackle one go-to-market campaign, develop the outline for an omni-channel approach and should include at least one new innovation discussed in earlier sessions that would best engage customers through highly personalized experiences. Each presentation will be shared with the full group at the end of the day, with each team presenting the campaign concept and outlining the channels involved, the data and segmentation strategy, and the proposed measures and metrics to be used to outline success.

1.5 hour working group/45 minutes for campaign presentations

4:00pm Event Concludes

6:30pm Networking Reception, Dinner and Awards Ceremony